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All electronic and electric products require some kind of enclosure to protect them from their environment as well as organize them into working products. The choice of enclosure is critical to the success of any application and must be carefully selected taking into account many environmental factors such as acidity, temperature, humidity etc. Gould Fasteners carries a complete line of enclosures to meet your products specific requirements.

INLINE® Enclosure

From: Hammond Manufacturing

INLINE® Enclosure

When applications require mounting electrical components the full width of the enclosure, the landscape orientation of this aesthetic INLINE® Enclosure makes this possible. The full-width mounting brackets can be drilled anywhere along their length, providing maximum mounting flexibility.

  • 14 gauge Type 304 stainless steel body
  • 16 gauge Type 304 stainless steel door
  • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth
  • External formed body flange trough
  • Large perimeter body opening
  • Mounting brackets are spot-welded to top and bottom of enclosure
  • Mounting brackets have predrilled mounting holes
  • customer-specific location holes can be drilled for mounting flexibility
  • Seamless foam-in-place gasket
  • M6 ground stud with base flange on body; M6 bonding provision with base flange on door
  • Furnished hardware kit includes panel mounting screws and grounding hardware
  • Hinged door with removable hinge pins and self-grounding quarter-turn latch system with double seal
  • Door opens 180 degrees
  • Window door models include 3/16-in. (4.8-mm) clear polycarbonate window mounted flush with door surface
Type 304 stainless steel with #4 brushed finish. Back is not brushed.


Enclosures can be supplied by Gould Fasteners from these manufacturers:

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