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Heat Sinks

As the need to dissipate heat from microelectronics packaging increases, the role of thermal interface material becomes crucial to the overall performance of the package and the selection of a heat sink. Gould Fasteners carries a selection of heat sinks from various manufacturers to suit every application.

848-130AB Series Heat Sinks

From: Wakefield Engineering

848-130AB Series Heat Sinks

Wakefield Engineering's 848-130AB Series Heat Sinks provide maximum thermal performance within industry standard ATX/NLX chassis design parameters for Intel Corporation Pentium® II microprocessors. This heat sink is designed for use in the latest generation of desktop, deskside, and server systems which utilize Intel's new Pentium® II family of microprocessors. Standard clips easily and securely attach the heat sink to the Pentium® II SEC Slot 1 Cartridge. The optional pre-applied DeltaLink V "phase change" thermal interface material minimizes temperature drop without the mess of thermal compounds.


Heat Sinks can be supplied by Gould Fasteners from these manufacturers:

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