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Rivets are headed metal fasteners of malleable material used to join parts of structures and machines by inserting the shanks through the aligned hole in each piece and forming a head on the headless end by upsetting. Gould Fasteners carries many different lines of rivets from standard rivets to blind rivets.

Open-End POP Rivets

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Open-End POP Rivets

Open-end POP rivets, when set, resemble conventional tubular rivets. However unlike tubular rivets, the mandrel head is retained within the body of the Open-End POP Rivet. Providing strong, low cost fastenings, open-end rivets are ideal for a wide variety of applications. They are available in a variety of materials and combinations with dome, countersunk, or large-flange head styles. Rivet bodies are available in a range of materials for complete workpiece compatibility.


Rivets can be supplied by Gould Fasteners from these manufacturers:

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