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Dzus, the originator of the 1/4 Turn Fastener, offers the most diverse product line of quick-acting fasteners. Dzus has manufactured unique-functioning fasteners for 60 years. Their 1/4-turn fasteners are available in a range of styles and sizes. The 1/4-turn studs operate in 90° rotation and engage the receptacles. The clamping force they provide is predictable and, in a locked position, resists accidental opening. These fasteners provide convenient and reliable fastening in material where the thickness is constant and take-up is not required. Dzus' Mil-Spec approved Supersonic line of 1/4 Turn Fasteners are suitable for demanding applications such as aircraft access panels because all parts are ruggedly constructed and the receptacle is designed to limit sheet separation under tensile overload. The Rapier line and the Dart line are designed for low-end applications.

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