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F.I.T. Fastener Innovation Technologies

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Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. is an Engineering-orientated Fastener Company supplying the highest quality fasteners to the Aerospace and Electronics Industries. The company manufactures standard airframe, engine, and high temperature bolts per Government and OEM requirements. F.I.T., Inc. is also a designer of standard and custom made Specialty Fasteners such as stressed panel fasteners, spacers, swage nuts, blind rivets, and Captive Screws. F.I.T. has qualified to many QPL specifications, which include high strength, high temperature bolts and other critical fasteners. F.I.T. works with many types of metallic materials such as Stainless Steel, A286, Titanium, High Temperature Nickel Alloys, Waspaloy, H-11, Multiphase and Alloy Steels, as well as other exotic alloys.

ISO Certified F.I.T. Fastener Innovation Technologies is ISO Certified

MilSpec Certified F.I.T. Fastener Innovation Technologies is MILSPEC CERTIFIED

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